I was born and raised in the mountains of Western North Carolina, the son of poor but honest English, German, Scotch-Irish (God knows what’s in that wood pile) parents. I received a degree in art from Berea College in Kentucky and dropped out of grad school at the University of Notre Dame because of the military draft and other more personal matters. I wandered the country for a while before settling in the nation’s capital for about 12 years. I fought the dogs of war and the generation of swine for as long as I could stomach it and moved back home in 1976. Over the years I’ve worked at what ever I could to feed my face and provide a little for family. The only occupation I’m concerned with here is painting, the application of wet or dry pigment to a sometimes flat surface, the purpose of which varies between the silliest thing in the world to do or the only thing worth doing and sometimes both. If you like my work and want to communicate with me, use the avenues included on this site; if you don’t, have a nice day anyway.

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