Crabtree Creek Gallery

This is Margaret Horne’s place, a lovely little gallery in Micaville, NC. She’s been showing some of recent work for some time. Great plants and crafts too.

Dan Looking Fox

Dan is my spiritual brother and an excellent photographer in Michigan. His site is worth checking out.

Elk Fork Studios

Tim and Linda are quite a pair. Linda does wonderful fiber art and Tim is a musician who has become a stone mason in his spare time. He also designed this web site in exchange for back-breaking work from me.

Ila Seltzer

Ila is my next door neighbor, a good friend and great sculptor. She does with fabric what many artists would love to be able to do with more solid materials.

Hot Duck Soup

Hot Duck Soup is a wild bunch of people who make music on damn near anything. Their web site has some examples of their madness and info on where and when to catch them in concert.